Women who are grouchy dating

14-Jul-2016 21:53

“Just like foot sensitivity and pain thresholds are unique to each person, pleasurable reactions are also highly personal,” explains O’Reilly.

“You may also find that she likes it rough one day and then finds it to be too much the next week.

Not to put all you guys on blast, but check out these 9 simple steps to satisfy your woman’s breasts if you want more detail. NIPPLE SENSITIVITY Q: "After sex, my girlfriend doesn't like me touching her nipples because they're sensitive. “Don't worry, after a short recovery period, they'll be raring to go once again! NIPPLE SIZE Q: "Why do some women have extremely large nipples and others are really small? " – Ryan, New York A: “Nipples are like finger prints in that no two are exactly the same,” says O’Reilly.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: Boobs are a bit baffling to the male species. “Since nipple and areola size are related to breast size, it's fair to say that size is hereditary.

de Wit adds, “There are scientific studies that back this up.

The most recent one shows a correlation between nipple stimulation that activates the same areas of the brain as clitoral and vaginal stimulation.” 8.

But guys, here’s a little secret: Sex is more than just an evening (or afternoon or morning) of fun.

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ROUGH PLAY Q: "I've been with some women who love when I slap or bite their her breasts during sex and others hate it.

SAGGING BREASTS Q: "Do breasts always get saggy after having a kid and/or breastfeeding? Your wife (or future wife’s) boobs will lose some perk as the years go by, thanks to a mix of factors—even if she doesn’t have kids or breastfeed.

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